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Welcome to my next blogpost. If you are a new visitor i would like to start with a little into. If you are a returning visitor i would like to thank you for showing interest in my blog! After my internship i started with a new personal project involving a mediocre complex web-application for a growing company. For this project i would like to use PHP, i am not that big of a fan of PHP but that is mostly because i worked 70% with languages like Java. One of the biggest pro’s i think about Java is that you can implement Unit tests and i don’t think that is going to work with PHP but a downside of Java is that you must rent a Virtual private server (VPS ) which costs money. Php  does not require a VPS and can be hosted on most web-hosts which do not…

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Json This article will show you how to create a Json Array and how to use them. If you are not familiar yet with Json or Json-Objects i would suggest to read my previous post on Json  this post contains a basic tutorial where Json is explained. It will also give you a basic idea where Json is used for. Json array The Json array is kind off ,identical to a regular array in Java or Javascript, the difference is the name, and some methods that helps the developer when retrieving a Json object. A Json array is a special type of array to hold Json objects. Creating a Json array is as simple as creating a Json object: JSON object is a standardized data format. The data format is a human readable representation, the format uses one or more attributes pointing to an value. JSON is mostly used to…

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Json JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is text and is a way to store information in an organized and easy-to-access way. It is used to exchange data between a server and a client(browser) or visa versa. All data between the server and a client is sent using the Hypertext protocol. This protocol only contains text. Json eases the process of converting Java or Javascript objects to text and more important the process of converting the text, from the http response back to objects. Json can be used with every major programming language, either natively or by the use of libraries. During my study we did not depend on Json very much, since i started with my internship i have been using it daily. Currently we are developing an web application using Java as back-end and ExtJs as front-end, Json works perfectly with these languages. It is very easy to parse the Json strings…

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Java – What is the difference between an ArrayList and a LinkedList ?

Summary I came across this when working on my project (internship assignment) where i am working on a enterprise web application. In class A i implemented an ArrayList<String> and in class B i tried to get the ArrayList and put it in a LinkedList, of course the java compiler gave an error and i fixed it by changing the ArrayList in class A to a Linked list since it did not make any difference for the situation. But then i asked myself.. what is the difference between the two ? Difference ArrayList and LinkedList are very similar, they both implement List and the methods and results are almost the same. There are some big differences in the way they work. When searching for an element the ArrayList will be faster, reason is because the ArrayList maintains an index based system which makes it easier to search for one element. When…

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WordPress – plugin to add files from server

Last week i have been working on a new WordPress website for a client. They had an outdated website which holds over 2000 documents and pictures. The goal of this new website was to give their users a better experience on downloading these files. Of course i first tried to upload all the files trough FTP to the uploads folder in my WordPress installation but WordPress does not recognize these files automatically, the media library needs some sort of reference to these files. It would have been a real pain to upload these files manually by dragging them into the library in the admin panel. Luckily i came across a plugin called “Add from server”. As the plugin name suggests it will give you the possibility to add files from your server to the media library. The plugin is very easy to use. Just upload all your needed files to…


Javascript/Html/Css – Making a dice

Making a dice using Javascript, Html and Css This helped me understanding how Js, Html and css work together. Until the day i walked into class i never programmed one line of code and this was in 2015. A teacher helped me with the learning curve of programming and web development and i am getting quite the hang of it now, i don’t think i am good at it but i just enjoy learning and programming waaaay more than in the beginning. This ‘tutorial’ helped me understanding how JS can work together with Html and Css. Maybe it will help you get a better understanding on these topics. If you would like to skip the rest of the post and just want to get the code, visit my JsFiddle project here. The demo will show a simple representation of a dice. The button ‘ROLL DICE’ will trigger the Javascript and…


How to Move WordPress to a New Host or Server

How to get your WordPress site online in a few minutes. using a hosted web service You decided to make your own website in WordPress and you come to the point that it is fit enough to get in the “air”. I also came to this point and tried many different ways to achieve this but the easiest way costs maybe 15 minutes. First you will need to download two things, a plugin and an FTP application. We need the plugin to make a copy of your WordPress site which you probably are running now with Xampp, Nginx, Apache, or any other local server. The FTP application is used to acces your webserver and transfer files between your computer and the server. I used Filezilla as my FTP application and the plugin i recommend, for making a copy of your WordPress website , is called ‘Duplicator‘. You can download Filezilla…



Well here it is! My first real blogpost. This post will be deleted later-on, it is just to help me on creating this blog’s layout, here is a HTML template you can use:  

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